About Couture'd Radio + Goods

"Introducing Our Favorites & Soon To Be Yours"

Couture'd Radio is an independent online radio/mix streamed exclusively on Soundcloud every first Friday & on time whenever you are in the world.

On January 3rd of 2020 Couture'd Radio was executed and founded in Tampa, FL by DJ, graphic designer + multi-creative T.COUTURE. Her goal was to provide a space for everyday music lovers, fellow DJs, producers and musicians. 

Healing through sounds daily, appreciating multiple genres from all over & the art of beat production are just a few aspects that make up Couture'd Radio monthly as a radio show, a mix, a brand and a lifestyle.

Couture'd Goods is a project/mission that T.COUTURE brainstormed for years and in 2020, early 2021 we all got to work. With T.COUTURE's growing knowledge in designing and having an eye for different hues - this was such a groundbreaking moment to finally see the vision become a reality. Couture'd Goods is the official merch line for Couture'd Radio.


Note from our founder:

This collection means a lot to me. Being able to doodle, sketch, fool around with different styles and to finally get the perfect design was a relieve yet, beautiful. For years I wanted to start creating merch, before Couture'd Radio was even born and to be doing that for my own radio show is a blessing. Thank you to everyone who was involved, purchased an item or just simply told a friend! There will be plenty more releases soon.